Good byes

This simple word, is doubtlessly one of the toughest that we ever say. Well, at least to those who we care about, those whom we like. They say, if you love someone, let them go. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were. Then others say, if they come back, they’re back because, you know…. Whatever the joke, it is doubtlessly a tough thing to deal with.

So, I have said all sorts of goodbyes – the ones where I didn’t want to, the ones where I desperately wanted to, the ones, where I was just neutral. And one, where I didn’t ever get the chance to say it 🙁

Well, why goodbyes? It is that over the last couple of months, I have said goodbye to two good friends. They say don’t look for friends at your workplace, but for someone like me, who kind of lives at their workplace, there can’t be a better place to make friends.  So I have had friends, acquaintances and co-workers (yeah, all different people). But like I was saying, over the last couple of months, I have said goodbye to two friends, who are moving on in life, to other things, to better things.

I pride myself in not being the sentimental type – I can remain stoic, when things become difficult, but I know that this time it wasn’t completely so. These goodbyes brought back memories of other goodbyes I have said, and not all of them are pleasant. You see, it is never a one way street, you leave, someone else leaves, but it impacts you both, for whether you’re close to a person or not, you do remain attached to the time spent with them.

I have a little niece, who lives elsewhere, and she, when she has to leave or we have to, stops talking to us. She copes with her fear of being alone by ignoring the fact that it is time for us  to separate. I wish the reprieve to this pain was so simple…


  1. “Goodbye” one of the most painful word to express and feel.

  2. booknchai

    Was that a “Good Bye”?I was hoping for more of “See You Pretty Soon”. 😛
    I have never missed so many people at one time in my life. 😀

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